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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Portrait through the eyes of a 2.5 Year Old

It's a joy, as a parent, to be able to completely surprise your child with a fun activity. I set up this paint station for the boys, as a surprise when they woke up from their nap. Giovanni wanted absolutely no part of it. *Sigh* But Dominic gleamed with excited! He painted two paintings, one of which was his very first family portrait! 
Painting is serious business! ;) 

The Finished product: Our beautiful family portrait!
 He says, and I have it recorded, that Mommy is yellow, Daddy is red, Vanni is Green and he is blue! It's so cute to see how he sees us. 


  1. So adorable! Very avant-garde! Could your Dominic be the world's next "Coltrane" of art? Methinks so!

    Seriously,'s too, too cute!

  2. I love how serious he looks in that last picture. Such concentration! It is a beautiful family portrait! You should totally frame it since it is a first.

  3. Aww how precious!! I miss those days when my boys were that age!

  4. I love to see their first works of art. He really looked so serious.

  5. Cute family! Just following from a blog hop and would love if you followed back at

  6. I love this! I am also surrounded by boys and a man. It makes for an exciting life. My boys are five and ten. My five year old is a whir-wind and my ten year old thinks he's 14.


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