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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Cloth Diapering Stash

I love checking out other people's cloth diapering stash, to see what they have and works for them. So, I thought I would do our cloth diaper stash that we use for our 15 month old(And for our 2.5 year old at night). We have a variety of different brands. We started out 5 weeks ago with only Fuzzibunz, but then ventured out into some more cost effective brands, and I can honestly say I am so happy we did! Here is the list of diapers we currently have in our collection. 

-Wild Safari
-Yellow Stripe  
-Blue Skull

*Minus the camo

-Minky Cow
-Minky Dino
-Minky Cars
-Minky Tiger
-Blue with White Stars 

Bum Genius
-Pastel Blue
-Pastel Yellow

-Bold Blue (Turkey made)
-Red (x3 China made)
-Bold Yellow (Elite)
*Minus the reds


 Bum Genius Flip System
-Grasshopper Green (x3 inserts)


City Baby (Our swim diapers)
-Neon Orange
-Pastel Blue
-Bright Green
-Fuzzibunz hanging wet/dry bag
-Small wet bag tote
-Extra Micro fleece liners 
-Rockin' Green detergent 

This is our stash, as of right now! We are only a little over a month into cloth diapering full time, but we love it! It's cute, fun, and better for the environment and baby's tushie!  I will do some reviews of our favorite/least favorite diapers later. If you cloth diaper, which one is your favorite?


  1. My favorite is between rumparooz bum genius and grovia. We've been using them since our twins were about 3 months and I love it!

  2. Thristies and EcoBum are two of my favorite. My daughter has so many for my grandsons. I like some brands more than others. Your stash looks awesome.

  3. I eagerly await the reviews! We are planning on doing cloth with our next baby. I'm am still completely lost, and I have to figure everything out soon because I'm already halfway thru my pregnancy!


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