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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunset Silhouettes & Independence Day Fun

 Here in the mid-west, we are still suffering from a heat wave.. luckily, the nights have been less harsh, and almost..almost, breezy. There was a dip in the temperature on the 3rd, so we decided to head out and see some fireworks then, just in case the 4th was unbearable.

 So happy we did! 
We tried out a new location, right on the river a few towns over, and it was unbelievably gorgeous there! We literally were on a little island surrounded by amazing views during the most beautiful sunset. Such an experience! And I couldn't resist taking some pictures, I've been dying to try, silhouettes!
 Nothing is more special that capturing some beautiful
(and fun) moments with our boys!
 I tossed Dominic up and Tony launched Giovanni. We tried to take some with the two of us, but the sun set to far down. Gotta be quick!
The boys loved the the fireworks. I thought for sure there would be some tears, but nope. We were close too. Like, they went off on the same island we were on close. So it was loud. But Giovanni was glued to to them and Dominic was excited. 
See..crazy close!
Gotta love Giovanni's position. ;) Silly boys. 

On the 4th, we relaxed, put up Dominic's toddler bed, and ended up going to see the worst fireworks ever, in the crazy humid heat. 
The boys got to throw some poppers and enjoy the 
entertainment of the town a while though. 
Someone decided to crawl under a car to get an 
unpopped popper... Boys!
Giovanni got to toss some too.
 We went to Target briefly to look for bedding for Dominic and sure enough we lost BOTH of Giovanni's shoes in there. His little feet were black by the end of the night. Oops! ;)
<3 him. 
We went early to get a great location, we unpacked the car (which entailed 3 lawn chairs, stroller, sparklers, diaper bag, camera bag, and two boys), and set up shop, only to have my brother call and say he has a "better" location for viewing. So, we packed up all our stuff, moved across town and reset our stuff up. 

 We got the kids sparklers to do while we waited for the fireworks to start. And they were a huge hit! 
 Dominic's very first sparkler! 
Our turn for sparklers! ;) 
When the fireworks finally started, we were so far away you couldn't even hear a boom! You know it's bad when your 2 year old ask when the fireworks are going to start, half way through the show.

But we had a great time and memories were made! 


  1. You got some great pictures! Looks like you had a happy holiday!

  2. These pics are fantastic!! Stopping by from the blog hop! Am now a new follower:) Would love if you could follow me back!

  3. I love your silhouette shots! We missed the fireworks this year. The town decided it was too dry to do fireworks. I guess next year.

  4. Great pics!! I love the silhouettes, we have to do that sometime. :)

    PS I "tagged" you.


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