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Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Days Drifting Away

Summer days are dwindling down around here. Although, my boys aren't in school yet, most of their friends that they play with will be. So, we decided to take one last play date to the zoo. It was crazy with 8 little kids and 5 adults, but it was fun. And let's not forget to mention I was able to try out the new camera. ;-) 

Entering the new Sea Lion exhibit tunnel in the St. Louis Zoo.
 It's truly beautiful.
Not all the kids were as excited though. ;)

I'm sad to see Summer come to an end, but that just means we are days closer to our vacation! :)
Anyone else having trouble saying goodbye to summer?


  1. What beautiful pictures! Newest follower from the Crazy Mama Hop! Would love a follow back!

  2. Very nice photos! It seems like interesting report and sad is that summer ends so quick.

  3. What gorgeous butterfly shots and the pictures of the kids are just adorable...

  4. Great photos with the new camera...Had a bit os a mess up with my new one and had to cancel order, now Brother in law has offered me a Nikon D2x, which is ow an old camera, but he has only used it once so it is like new and I can have it for the same price as the D90 I was getting...The D2x is a pro camera, so I am thinking it could be a real bargain...who knows. Hubby said it could be fate that we had to cancel new other order and then bro offered this one instead.....

  5. Amazing pics!! I always have trouble letting go of summer, but I love Autumn too, so I try to focus on that. :) It's Winter that really get old, I wish we could have a few weeks of snow then go straight on to Spring hahah!

  6. Those are some awesome photos. It sure does look like they had a great time.

  7. Great pictures! I am super excited to take my Little Man to see the new Sea Lion exhibit at the Zoo!


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