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Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Crashing" into the Unexpected- Our Life Changing Journey of Learning to Hold on and Look Up

Six years ago yesterday, was one of the scariest moments of Tony's and my life.  It was also a day that God showed me that sometimes blessings come in all shapes and sometimes when you think you've lost it all, you've gain a lot more. 

Tony and I were young, engaged and so care free.. (those were the days!) We were at the mall window shopping for the perfect wedding band, when my dad called needing a ride, because his car broke down. My car was at Tony's so we headed back there. We were a mile away, at a stop light waiting to turn across traffic and Tony's little neon had randomly started over heating. It was a hot humid September afternoon. We had no choice but to turn the ac off and roll the windows down. It was not even 20 seconds later that the light was yellow when we made that turn..

And it happened.

A red mercury 4-door didn't slow down. Some girl thought she could beat a red light too. She was going over 55mph toward our little Dodge neon. I remember my last words to Tony, "We're going to get hit."

In that instant, life changed for me. 

It's all slow motion. A blur of time. 

Tony, recalls the impact better than I can. He can still see the car hitting, t-boning my side and glass shooting up from inside the door. I imagined it looked pretty cool. But I don't remember that. I remember the sounds. The horrific sounds of metal hitting metal and the tires popping as our car spun around. And I remember praying to God to take me to heaven if it was my time. Seems ridiculous now, but it was what it was. I must have passed out from shock or the impact. But when I came too, people had gathered around our cars and I heard someone ask if I was alive. (What horrific words to awaken with.) I couldn't move, it hurt to breathe, and pain consumed me. I was trapped in the car. I waited what seemed like eternity for firemen to use the jaws of life to cut me out of the car.

If you have ever been close to death, it is so surreal. God awakening is all I can describe it. That time trapped in the car, as scary as it was, I have never felt closer to God. I remember singing over and over "Jesus loves me." It was a comfort to know I was not alone.

I was sent by ambulance to a local hospital about 20mins away. It was there that they learned my injuries were too severe to be treated there. So they air lifted me by helicopter to a bigger hospital in the city. I don't remember any of it, except them pulling me out of the helicopter.

It turns out I had broken my pelvis in 3 different places, I broke a rib, which partially deflated my lung, I had a massive hematoma on my liver (eternal blood blister basically), bruised bone in my leg (it took a year for that to heal) and fractured my back in 3 different locations, including my C-5.  Here's the kicker.  I dodged 3 surgeries, paralization and or death. Doctors couldn't believe it, some of them called it a miracle. They kept preping me from surgery only to realize I was stabilizing. My pelvis breaks were mind blowing. I was just a tiny, a centimeter, off for getting a major pelvis surgery. The c-5 in your neck, if broken all the way through, causes parilization from the neck down or instant death. I had fractured it. The hematoma on my liver was growing so big and the slowed to a stop. This isn't coincidences. This was God's amazing grace.

The best was yet to come. Recovery was brutal. I spent many days in the hospital, followed by many weeks in a rehabilitation center, followed by 2 months home bound at home, with another 6 months in the physical therapy. I couldn't walk for months. Because of where my breaks were, I couldn't walk or bare any weight until after the home bound period was over. I went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to finally using a cane (which I used for almost a year).  After all that, I can sit here today and say, that that accident was a blessing. A huge amazing blessing. God let that horrible thing happened, but transformed it into a life changing gift!

Blessing after blessing trickled out of this "horrible event." 

-What if Tony's car didn't randomly over heat... the window would have been rolled up and who knows what would have happened. 

-Tony and I grew closer than before. Before I had horrible issues of trust (from my past), and then I was thrown into this situation where I grew as a person. I had to trust. I had to tear down those walls I built, in order to move forward.  And it truly did save our relationship.  

-We were not financially ready at all to tie the knot. Both of our cars were about to hit the dust. With a settlement I received, we were able to replace and pay off both cars. The accident also put a strain on his job and soon after he found a great one, at the place he still is now. We were then able to buy a home of our own and furnish it.  

-Our parents had never met. They met at the hospital. It wasn't what we had planned, but it was in God's plan. This was a great stress reliever, as there were some conflicting impressions of each other before hand. 

-This truly made me appreciate the things I take for granted.  Each step I easily take now, I am reminded of how hard those first steps were.. 

-I was told I should have c-sections because of my pelvis injuries. I found a doctor that allowed me to try natural, but was prepared for surgery if needed. They called a c-section early with Dominic and good thing too, since his cord was wrapped twice around his neck. If I didn't have the injury, then they would have continued the labor and who knows what would have happened to our Dom.

The list could go on... This event changed my life. It was my God awakening moment. I realize life is just to short to dwell on the misfortunes. Sometimes you just have to ride out the storm to witness the rainbow on the other side. 

"...In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28"


  1. Amazing story. Life changing. We have a saying in our family. When little thnigs change our day and make us go the other way. It is God's will. Such as a road detour. A cold or flu that makes us stay home from work. It is so awesome that you accepted such a scarry hard event made the best of what God placed before you. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Wow, what an amazing story, friend! I'm so glad you were ok. I'm a new follower and I'd love a follow back at when you get the chance! I'd also love to have you link up at the Mommy-Brain Mixer on Thursday!


  3. Wow, what an ordeal! I'm so sorry you had to go through all that but glad that a lot of good came out of it too. I'm amazed at all all the surgeries and injuries you just barely missed. God was definitely watching over you!

  4. I'm going to sound like a broken record and say that is an amazing story! It is so awesome how God turns such horrible events into such blessings. This is a great example how it can seem like everything can seem like they're going wrong but really its about to be a huge blessing in disguise.

  5. How difficult for both of you. But there was more on the other side to bring you closer together.


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