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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disney Planning Part 2: Building the Excitement!

Planning our Disney vacation was only half the fun; building the excitement for the boys was the other! At the ages of almost 3 and 18 months, our boys are still little and didn't know all the characters or even understand what "Disney World" was. However, it was important to us to make sure they got the best out of this vacation. So that meant some prep work in preparing the boys for this magical adventure. 

Three things helps us do this. Lots of Disney movies, YouTube, and their special Mickey Mouse Disney trip countdown.


Before planning this trip, the boys weren't real familiar with all the Disney characters. They knew who Mickey and Minnie Mouse were, the Toy Story characters and of course Lightening McQueen, but as far as some of the older ones, they had no clue. So, the last couple months we've have "movie nights", where we've broke out some of our favorite Disney classics (Peter Pan, Beauty & the Beast, etc). They've enjoyed the movies and got to know some of the less familiar characters at the same time.


Along the same lines as the characters, the boys had no concept of what this "Disney World" was. They didn't understand theme park or rides. But, like I've said, I was determined for them to have the best experience possible for their age. So, I went to my trusty friend, YouTube. I searched Disney World, and came up with thousands of results. Many of them were totally not what we were looking for, however,  several were perfect in building that excitement and showing what Disney World was about.  

This video(found here.) did the trick. It's adorable and full of the Disney magic and really got both boys excited for the trip. And I mean EXCITED!  


A lot of people like the "surprise" factor when going on a trip to Disney. But the boys are so young and full of the magic, we didn't want to miss out on watching them get excited! And plus, I'm horrible at keeping secrets. ;) So, I decided to make my own countdown.

Let me start off by saying, I have a bit of a confession. I am in love obsessed with paint swatches. Seriously, I'm one of those people you see stuffing their pockets full those things at Walmart. I could do a whole blog post about how many uses they serve (and their free!) They really come in handy for fun art projects, learning tools, and wouldn't ya know it countdowns. ;) 

Here's our countdown..

The Supplies needed:

-Poster board
-Hand full of paint swatches
-Sticky letters
- 2 Foam sheets (Used for the big Mickey head)

I like my craft projects to be cute, simple and easy. HA! 

I simply cute out mickey heads from the paint swatches. I then stuck the sticky letters onto the black uncut paint swatches. Rearranged all the pieces and taped it down with scotch tape. And lastly, I counted down the days with a marker. And voila our one of a kind Disney Countdown! 

Truth is, getting them excited isn't a problem. It's the waiting for the trip that's the struggle! ;) 

If you like it,!


  1. I love that count down! I cant wait to take Little Man to Disney one day :)

  2. Your countdown is adorable. I found you on Friday Friend Connect. Happy Friday!

  3. I like paint swatches also. I have a drawer full right now. Your countdown is perfect. The wait is the hardest. I can hardly wait to see your pictures!

  4. Great idea with the paint swatches....I need to start using those more. I can't wait to see all the pictures from your trip!!!

  5. What a cute idea?! I'm not good at keeping secrets either, especially when it comes to my hubby or daughter.


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