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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holy Ear Pain!

It's been an interesting week so far. If you've been following my blog the last week or so, I mentioned I had a cold. Well, as everyone got better, I got worse. Then on Monday morning I woke up with the most horrible ear ache ever. I pretty much didn't get any sleep. And of course this had to happen on a holiday, when no doctors are open. I tried to wait it out, even tried a couple of home remedies, but the pain kept getting worse..and let's face it, I'm a big baby. So into Urgent care we went.

After a semi-awake receptionist screwed up my paper work, I found out I had a bulging eardrum, from a bad ear and sinus infection. And if that's not fun enough, while waiting for the prescriptions and discharge papers, I was struck with the most intense pain ever.

My ear drum ruptured!


It was a tough few hours. I pretty much cried like a baby. Seriously, I was begging for my mama..  Thankfully, a big pop came, and soon after so did relief. However, in it's place was drainage, buzzing, and deafness. I still have some pain, but not as bad.

Please keep me in prayer and thoughts. It's not easy caring for two active little toddlers when you don't feel well and can't hear good. Not to mention, with the days to our dream vacation to Disney are dwindling down, I can't help but worry about flying. Oh how I am looking forward to this trip, but I am now terrified to fly with the pressured during take off and landing.

Has anyone ever had a ruptured ear drum?
How long did it take to heal?


  1. Ear aches are the worst and if you have never had one you have no idea the pain!!! I had lots when I was younger. When you fly seriously do this ok it will make all the difference in the world...on the plane put cotton balls in your ears it will help with the pressure. as for discomfort now if you can stand it lay on a heating pad the warm helps and ibuprofen it helps with swelling inside, I am praying for you lady feel better :]

  2. Ow!! I feel so bad for you. I have never had anything like that but it sounds awful. I hope it heals quickly.

  3. I have had some bad ear infections but never a rupture. I am praying for you. They sell these ear inserts at some drugstores that absorbe the pressure. EarPlanes earplugs. We did a lot of flying with my children. Lots of long flights and my daughter had chronic ear problems these help alot.

    1. THANK YOU!! I found them and ordered them!

  4. If you have a problem finding them I can email you a link.

  5. Oh gosh, that sounds so awful. I hope you feel better soon, will be praying for you!!


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