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Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Friends & Zoo Trip!

We had the most gorgeous weekend around here. It was 75 degrees and sunny!  Which happened to be perfect, since an old friend of mine and I were already making plans to get together, we just decided to make it a zoo day.

It was a little reunion of sorts. I haven't seen Abby since high school! We had so much fun catching up and swapping mom stories. She has a cute little man, baby Carter, who is 4 months old and such a cutie pie!

We've been to the zoo several times this year (4 so far!), and yet this was my favorite trip. Tony was able to come with us, which made it so much more special (and it's much easier to manage two kids with two adults..). But really it was the boys. Giovanni was so excited to see EVERYTHING! Every animal he saw it was, "wow" or "whoa". His face lit up like it was Christmas.

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  1. I just love the photos! Lots of great memories. I always enjoy taking the grandkids to the zoo and animal park.


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