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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kids, This IS Disney World! - Day 2

After months of planning and weeks of building the excitement, the day had finally arrived to go to Disney World's Magic Kingdom!!  To say Dominic was excited, was a huge understatement. This boy couldn't stop smiling during the opening ceremony!  

It was extra special, because my closest Florida friends, Amanda & Sarah got to share in the excitement with us! Amanda is one of my best friends and Sarah is her little sister (they are both are like sisters to me). If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember in January their mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. This was a much happier reunion. 

Sarah has two little boys, who are my boys' age. 
It was so neat to finally see them all together! 

Every penny spent was worth it, to see the absolute pure excitement and awe on Dominic's face when meeting his favorite action figure, Buzz Lightyear!! It put a smile on 
everyone's face, such a magical moment! 

 Amanda & I at the gallows. ;) 
I have no idea why everyone thought they were twins? Hehe

 Dominic's reaction to the first Dino roaring show.. 
No worries, it just startled him, he actually loved this place! 

After spending the day at Magic Kingdom we all headed over to the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney. It was one of our favorites on the trip. Amazing food and an awesome atmosphere! I totally recommend checking it out.  It was a loaded fun filled day! 

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