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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surprise! - Happy 40th Mom & Dad!

I'm horrible at keeping secrets like this. I giggle, I smile awkwardly, and usually reveal something that spills the beans. But I was determined to keep this Surprise party for my parents a secret! You see, my wonderful parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary in late September. My brothers and I knew that we wanted to throw them a party to celebrate, because frankly, 40 years married is worth celebrating!! However, since it was around our vacation, we decided to hold off until this past weekend to surprise them. It ended up catching them completely off guard and made it totally worth it!

My parents are stubborn and really hard to "trick" into going to a different place and at an abnormal time. It was like a pulling off a mission on Mission Impossible. I told everyone that if I got them to the party without them knowing, I deserve an Academy Award! Well, hand me that Oscar, because they had no clue and were completely shocked!

The Surprise reactions! ;) 

The Happy Couple: 

The Decorations: 
 The Favors

The Food:

The 40 Guests (Or at least some of them):

Sweet Little Memories:

I had each person write on a 4x6 index card a little message to the happy couple. I then collected them to be put in a photo album book for them to cherish. My mom in particular, really teared up with this.

The NOT So Newlywed Game: 

Now, it isn't a party without a games, and what more fun than making the couple participate in a game of their era, The Newlywed Game, but revised to the Not So Newlywed Game. It was a highlight from the night. Apparently these two are reigning champs at this game, so it was fun to see them play once more. 
Questions started out basic and gradually got harder. 

A few Question asked:
1. What was your wedding date?
2. Where was your first date?
3. How many were at your wedding?
4. Who snores the most?
5. And the last question was, What is the key to lasting 40 years married?

The Cakes:

And the Aftermath:

It was a great party for two very selfless deserving people. I'm so thankful for these two in my life, and I feel so blessed I get to call them mom & dad. I love you guys!


  1. This is so sweet. My husband's grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2010.

  2. Wow!! Your surprise party was a whole lot better than mine. Very impressive and what looks like a lot of fun. Your parents look so happy. And my guess is that your parents feel very blessed to have you for a daughter!!!

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