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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

*House Cleaning*- Important News

Two post in one day, don't you feel special! ;) Ah, but this is just a quick little update, letting you know that Blogger is taking away Google Friend Connect as of March 1st (good thing it's a leap year, right :) .

But have no fear!

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WW: Feed the Geese!

We are officially over the stomach flu!! Dominic had his last episode on Saturday..yep that means it lasted OVER a week! Crazy. I'm just thankful that it's finally over! And since we've had beautiful weather here the last few days, we hit up a local park and fed the ducks.

Beautiful winter day!

Giovanni feed the himself! :) 
We're not quite sure who ate more bread... Gio or the geese! : ) 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surviving the Stomach Flu

Gio's first ER trip...
Everyone down with the never ending stomach flu....

Yep, the last week has been HELL!

I'm pretty sure, my husband and I deserve our parent "wings" this week. I mean seriously, there is nothing worse than the stomach flu. Seeing your 11 and 26 month old throwing up nonstop, all the while your bent over a bucket yourself. It's horrible!

Gio got sick last Thursday, we ended up having to take him to the er, where he got hooked up to an IV for fluids and meds. He also had a double ear infection going on. Poor little dude. He never cried or even fought it. He just laid there and took it like a champ. Then Dominic and I got sick with it on Saturday early morning, and then Tony came down with it late evening. It wasn't until Monday that I finally felt better. Ugh.

We ended up having to talk Giovanni back to the Dr because he was STILL throwing up. After a probiatic and another med, he seems to finally better. Of course Dominic is still throwing up. He starts the same round of meds today, so hopefully the end is in sight.

It's been a crazy week to say the least, but we've learned a few things.

Our keys to survival:

1. Sense of humor. - Seriously, if you can't laugh at the fact that your toddler just threw up all over your bedspread then preceded to slip and fall into it, crashing into the newly bathed baby dressed in fresh clean clothes, then you probably aren't going to make it through.

2. Be Prepared.- Lay down towels and have a bucket ready. And let's not forget the obvious, Lysol. You're going to need it. Just go ahead and buy another can or two..

3. Anti-Nauseous medicine.- If your child is throwing up nonstop for a while, call your doctor and ask about anti-nauseous meds. It works wonders on their little tummies, and your sanity.

4. Push the fluids. Food isn't essential right away, fluids are. Kids can dehydrate so fast. Even small sips every 10 minutes help. And if your child hasn't had a wet diaper in 8-12 hours, call the doctor right away.

5. When in doubt, wait it out. Just because they haven't thrown up in a couple of hours doesn't mean you  should load them up with food. Unless of course, you wanted to get thrown up on or clean up diarrhea all over the place. Ease into food. Start off with very light food. Breads, puffs, then work up to more substantial nutrients. Pedilite pops are wonderful.

I'm no expert, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn once. ;-) Ha ha. No, seriously, these are just a few tips that I wish I would have known sooner. And they work for adults too. Because lets face it, us moms aren't immune, and will most likely get it ourselves.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WW: Talk about a power nap!

Nope, not tired mom..just going to rest me eyes a second.. "Zzzzzzzzz."

Happy 11 Months Giovanni!

Weight: 18lbs 3 oz
Height: ?? Doctor didn't measure him.

Giovanni is now less than a month away from turning 1! :) He's pulling up on everything, starting to cruise, and just this morning pushed his little table and took a few steps!  I don't think he'll be walking before he turns one though, but he has definitely gotten braver.

Now, birthday party talk! His party planning is well on it's way. We are having it on St. Patrick's Day at our church in Dr. Seuss theme. It's either going to be so cute or a disaster. Ha. But, It's been so much fun planning. The color theme is aqua blue, red, and white, with a few yellow accents. We are having a full Dr. Seuss themed homemade food buffet and cupcakes.

-Pulling up on everything

- Starting to cruise. Takes one or two steps between objects.

-Says the new words "boo, bro, ni-ni (night-night)"

-Got 2 new top teeth (total of 6 now)

-Push and walk with a toy!

-Likes: brother's toys, playing on the floor, Mickey Mouse, and the movie Cat and the Hat, brushing his teeth, following his brother around the house, his walker, getting read too and toy cars

-Dislikes: Cherries, socks, getting something he wants taken away

Ignoring the fact that he's had a Stomach flu virus the last week...he normally eats 3 meals. At least 2 finger or table foods(usually breakfast and dinner) and 1 baby jar food. Still nurses like a champ. We haven't started the weaning process yet, and won't until after a year.

We haven't taken his monthly pictures yet, but he is one taken on Valentine's Day, 2 days shy of 11 months. I'll add his monthly pictures once we take them. But this one should hold you over. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Out Of Commission

*Google Image*

The Stomach Flu has hit our house, HARD.
Tony, is the only one left standing..for now...

I'll update and get back with everyone once I can pry myself away from the couch..and bathroom..ugh

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Love Day

We had an unexpected low key Valentine's Day...

It's a good thing Tony surprised me with a date night the Saturday before, or we wouldn't have been able to have one.  The boys were up off and on all night. Giovanni was cutting another tooth and Dominic was getting sick. And I cut my finger pretty bad. It was just not our day. We spent the first half of the day at my moms and then we spent most of the day just cuddled up on the couch watching movies. Which in my book, is the best way to spend Valentine's Day, with the ones you love.
My mom made these, a brownie and cake deserts. Yummy!
My beautiful niece. :) 
This year was Dominic's 3rd Valentine's Day. And even though Dominic wasn't feeling well, we still managed to get a few smiles out of him. Gotta love his shirt!   
We got him a mater juice, candy, and Cars book (filled with a play mat and little cars). And he got a stuffed bear and a sucker from his grandma and paw-paw. 
 Gio got spoiled his first Valentine's Day. He got a couple of stuffed bears, a Superman outfit and a sucker he won't be able to eat for quite some time. He is well loved. hehe.

Can you tell he was NOT having it, with the pictures? ;) Oh well, mommy tried. Despite being crazy, it ended up being a great day. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WW: In Need of a Kiss?

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Oh the ideas you get off of Pinterest! ; )

Happy 1st Valentine's Day our littlest one! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Someone is Sleepy

After a play date with Granna and a long morning at church, Dominic couldn't stay awake any longer.

Enjoying the Sunshine

Winter is rough as a mom. After months playing outside, I have to get creative to keep the little ones busy, especially if the weather is bad, and we can't even leave the house. Play dates are more spaced out and stir craziness sets in...

 But not this year!!

 If you live in the Mid-west, you probably will agree that this has been an usually mild winter. Now, maybe today isn't the best day to talk about how "warm" it is, considering it's 30 degrees and snowing out there.. but it has been a super warm winter. January, we were able to get a TON of outdoor play time in and some days we didn't even need a jacket! It was crazy "warming" madness, and we're just soaking it all up!
Our first play date at the park in the New Year,
and Giovanni's first time on the swings.

         Having fun with his cousin, Sarah. They are two peas in a pod.

 You'll have to agree, doesn't it always seem that kids are so much more well behaved and relaxed when they can play outside? I guess they get a bit stir crazy as well. ;-)  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Not a Typical Saturday Night

My husband is a super shy and quiet guy, but he is a romantic! Saturday, he told me he had a special surprise for me and to be ready by 4, and not to worry about babysitting, it had already been taken care of. 

Can we say he's a keeper?! Seriously, I am blessed. 
We hardly ever get date nights. It's hard when you are still nursing, let alone having too very little ones. And after all the sickness in October and two rounds of Croup this January, I'm pretty sure we've only gone out twice in the last year. 

At 4pm, we dropped off the boys at my parents house and headed to a 5 Star restaurant on The Hill in St. Louis. Ah, only one of the finest Italian dinning around! It was such a wonderful experience. The food was AMAZING, the service was outstanding, and the prices were traumatizing! Ha. ;-)  

After dinner we went to see the movie, Chronicle. It's a making of a Super Hero/Villain type film, that follows three teenage boys who get super powers. It's seriously a great movie, totally our style. 

Thanks honey, for giving me a night to remember. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WW: No price check needed, he's priceless!

Ok, we got our lettuce, grapes, red solo cups, oh and our sleeping toddler.... Yep, Dominic can fall sleep anywhere and through anything!  Good thing for him, we only had to pick up a few items! ;) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now on Google +

That's Life... is now on Google +.  So, feel free to add this blog to your circle! Just click the google + button on the right hand side of the page.

Much thanks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gio is 10 1/2 months!

Yes indeed, Giovanni is 6 weeks away from turning 1! Oh my, how the last month has flown by. It hasn't been a typical month, with the holidays and our trip to Florida, and thankfully, Giovanni just goes with the flow. He's not one that has melt downs if he misses a nap or two, which has been a blessing this month.

It's funny, when I found out I was pregnant with another boy, I thought they were going to be so much alike. And while they have several common traits, they are so different. Dominic is loud and very active and Giovanni is quiet and just goes with the flow. Dominic at this age was not only walking, but running. (He walked at 8 months)  Dom was a "toddler" before he his age, and Giovanni is still very much baby. So it's been a different experience this time around, and I'm soaking up every last bit of this baby stage! It's so fun to see them each grow into their little personalities. And despite their differences they are the best buddies.

I don't have a clue on how much he weighs or how tall he is, but he is definitely getting longer!  He's still in 6/9 month clothes and will be for a while yet. He has the smallest waist, which proves to be difficult getting pants to stay on. They are the right length but they fall right off all the time.

-Blows kisses!

- Starting to pull up on everything!

-Has mastered sitting up by himself from a laying position & Crawling on hands and knees

-Says new words.. Mo(more), Ho ho ho, and mimics a ton of words

-Signs more and milk

-Went on his first vacation and plane ride

-First haircut!

-Waiting on eating, or not eating what we are eating.
-Mum mums..still doesn't like those things.

-His stuffed Mickey Mouse & blue sheep that sings Jesus loves me
-His walker
-Dance in play puppy

Oh boy, does our little man like to eat! And not that baby food stuff either. Ewww. He wants what we're having and he wants seconds! Maybe a chef in his future? ;) We're still nursing around 5 times a day. I haven't thought about weaning yet. Our goal is one year, I guess we will decided then. He also had juice for the first time when we were on vacation, and enjoyed it.

Now for my favorite thing, pictures..