Behind the Author

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WW: Giovanni is NOT a Fan!

Saturday we took the boys to the mall to see the big guy, Santa...Can we say disaster?!

We honestly, didn't think either would be scared since we had just gotten back from Disney World and both loved all the characters.. So, we were a little shocked when Giovanni made it clear that he was NOT a fan of Santa!

 Do be fair, we waited in line for an hour, both boys were exhausted and bored. And when Dominic saw Santa, he was so excited!! He ran and jumped into Santa's arms, so Santa took the lead and gave him a giant bear hug. Giovanni did the same, as did Santa, but Giovanni didn't so much like the giant bear hug.. which then led to a massive freak out moment! As uplifting as it was to see Santa so happy and excited, I think he might have scarred Giovanni for life. LOL..

Which was all good to know, since Santa would be visiting our house the next day for a family party... lol Yep, that was fun! ;)

Here's the beloved Santa pic from the mall.

And here's one from the party at our home on Sunday.

 Yep, still not a fan!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WW: Meet Flash!

Our Christmas Elf finally made his appearance this week. After going back and forth on names, the family voted on Flash! (Dominic's runner up name was Boy.) Flash's been keeping a low appearance until last night, when he got into some mischief! ;)

When Dominic woke up he went searching for Flash, then we pointed out his mustache face. He got such a kick out of it! He kept saying," He is a naughty naught elf! He got me!" It so much fun seeing him get so excited!