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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm back? Say it isn't so!

Holy crap it's 2014?! Good grief how did that happen? It's been a long time blog world!

Here's the run down:

Tony (the husband)- Still working hard at his job. He loves it there and it's been a blessing to our family. He however, is dealing with some major back pain. Next week he sees his doctor about back surgery. It's been a year of trying different things to help elevate his back pain, but nothing has seemed to help. This is going to be a pretty big deal. He'll be down and not working for a while, and as a father to two little boys, this is going to be rough..on all of us (mainly him of course!).

Dominic - He turned 4 in November and he started preschool in August. He LOVES it! He has learned so much! Truth be told I was so worried about this over the summer. He has so much energy, but school really helped calm him down. He just had a doctor's appointment today and he weighs 33.5lbs and is 38ins tall! That puts him in the 20-25% for weight and 15% for height. Growing like a weed! :)
He knows how to write his name and is pretty proud about that. He has really taken a liking to drawling and painting. He also loves to build things. His imagination is amazing! He's obsessed with Robots, transformers, and pretty much anything super heroes. But he also loves dogs. He's so curios about how everything works. Just like his daddy. He also loves to make people laugh. He's now at that stage where he's trying to learn the art of jokes. So much fun watching him grow!

Giovanni- Oh boy! This little guy (now 2 & 1/2) is our ball of energy. He is constantly getting into something or climbing something. He's quiet and fast. A dangerous combination. ;-) Although he practically eats non-stop, he's a very little guy!  He knows how to count, some letters and all his colors. He's really not into sitting and learning like Dominic was, he just picks things up on his own. He's a super laid back kid. He has the deepest and loudest voice for any 2 two year old. :) He's ALL about cars and super heroes, but mainly cars.

I guess that leaves me...

Rachel - Oh boy! This year (or dare I say 2013) was a horrible year. And yet, some pretty amazing things happened. My photography business boomed! Like for real! So thankful for all my amazing clients!! I am truly blessed!

However during my booming business, I ran into some triggers that unleashed some severe anxiety (PTSD), stemming from some past trauma.  I debated on whether or not to put this on here. But why not? My blog is called THAT'S LIFE. And this is life. Life isn't all roses and sunshine. Sometimes it's yucky and painful. And truth is, it's been a brutal 7 months, dealing with panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, and some social anxiety. I've been/was a mess. (more on this later..) Thankfully, I have some amazing people in my life who I've been able to lean on and help get me through it. It hasn't been easy, but nothing that's worth it ever is.

So that's the run down on us. Hopefully, 2014 is the best year of our lives, or at least better than last year! Although, with good health, a stable job, and food on the table, who can really complain? :)